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Date: 4th June 2016
Used Road Concrete Shot Blaster
?????Used Road ?Concrete Shot BlasterRoad ?Concrete shot blaster is a device which throws the steel shots out under ?centrifugal force at a high speed and a certain angle to powerfully impact ?the road or bridgesurface in need of pretreatment for clearing the laitance,Website:http://www.shotblastingcleaning.com, ?oil stain, old coating and forming a new rough surface for construction. ?It can recycle the steel shots automatically and send the dust and sundries to the special dust collector, thus keeping a dust-free and ?pollution-free working environment. In addition to being efficient and ?environmentally friendly, our shot blaster also causes no injuries to the ?road surface. As a result, it is widely used in the surface clearing and ?pretreatment of roads and bridges, surface clearing of asphalt, stones and ?steel materials, and is also suitable for the internal environment such ?as the parking lots and roads in factories and hospitals and airport runways. ?After shot blasting treatment, the surfaces could recover the anti-slide ?performance, and adhere to the coating, oil reservoir,sealant and mortar ?closely to prolong the life of working layer. Technical parameterTypeJCLP200JCLP250JCLP550JCLP550DJCLP800Working width(mm)200250550550800Blasting capacity(m2/h)>80>180>280>400>600Wheel power(kw)7.5112*7.52*112*15Machine weight(kg/min)180250360560780Outside measurement(L*W*H)1300*400*9001625*450*11001800*550*13001900*750*13001980*980*1300Appropriate dust ? ? ?collectorTo includeTo includeTo includeTo includeTo include!doctype