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Date: 4th June 2016
Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine
Tumble ?Belt Shot Blasting MachineQ32 series rubber belt shot blasting machine adopts the endless rubber apron to form a special barrel,Website:http://www.shotblastingcleaning.com,to make the work pieces tumble continuously during shot blasting process ,Rubber apron blasting machine is mainly used in forging work pieces and metal work pieces.,Rubber apron bast machine can be used not only as a single machine ,but also as a part of a line.?? the machine is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthing of ?medium or small size castings ,forge pieces and varity of ?hardware. ?? it can used in different production capacity ,the machine can be ?used not only as a single machine ,but also a part of line . ?? ?the machine match with continuous conveyor compose cleaning ?production-line . ?? ?it is a ideal cleaning equipment for medium and large size cleaning workshop . ?? tracked shot blast cleanup machine ,has advantages of advanced ?design ,rational construction ,low-power.Technical parameter?? ? ? ? ? ?ItemQ326Q3210QR3210productivityKg/h600-12002500-35003000-5000Feeding amountkg200600600Max weight of single piecekg153030Diameter pf end diskmm65010001000Effective volumem0.331.051.05Abrasive flow rateKg/min200250250Ventilation capacityM3/h250035004000Power consumptionkw13.4725.0531.65Out line dimensionmm3200*1520*37154290*1900*45005850*1959*4600