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Date: 4th June 2016
Q3210 Automatic Shot Blasting Machine
Q3210 Automatic Shot ?Blasting MachineThis series adopts multiplestep and rotating point fixed method to clean away the antiquated sand and oxidation layer on the surface ? quickly making the surface bright and clean. It is mainly used for ?the fitting of vehicles such as the bolster,Website:http://www.shotblastingcleaning.com, side frame, coupler and coupler yokes. It can also be used ?to clean the casting and workpieces with the similar size.Features:?1. The impeller head is composed of blast wheel, the structureis simple and durable.?2. Be type segregator is very efficient and it can protect blastwheel.?3. The bag dust filter can greatly reduce air pollution andimprove the work environment.?4. Abrasion resistant rubber belt lighten the collision of workpieces, and lower the noise.?5. This machine is controlled by PLC, the operation is easy and reliable.Q32 Series Technical parameter??ItemQ326Q3210QR3210Productivity(kg/h)600-12002500-35003000-5000Feeding amount (kg)200600600Maximum weight of single piece(kg)153030Diameter of end disk(mm)65010001000Effective volume(m3)0.331.051.05Abrasive flow rate(kg/min)120180200Ventilation capacity(m3/h)250035004000Out line dimention(mm)3200*1520*37154290*1900*45005850*1950*4600Power dissipation(kw )11.120.830.7