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Date: 4th June 2016
Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine
Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine Instruction: Q38,Website:http://www.shotblastingcleaning.com, Q48, Q58 ?sequential, stepping and store-up derrick chain type abrator fit for treating ?medium and small size workpieces in large scale. Workpieces can be transported continuously, or with stepping running or be pushed with derrick chain so that ?the materials can be under proper state in loading and unloading district, as ?well as impeller blasting district to finish the working procedure. Hanging ?weight of single hook is from 50 to 2000kg with high productivity, stable ?running and best effect on complicated workpieces of the surface and inner ?part, such as cylinder cap of engine and motor casing, therefore it is ideal ?choice for auto, tractor, diesel engine, motor and valve industry. Technical parameterItemQ382CQ383CQ384CProductivity(hook/h)35-5538-5060-120Lifting ?running speed(m/min)0.35-30.35-30.35-3Lifting hook Weight(kg)240300400Lifting hook space(mm)600-800600-800600-800Abrasive ?flow rate(kg/min)4*2004*2506*250Elevator lifting capacity(t/h)456090Segregator fractional dose(t/h)456090Pellet diameter(mm)0.5-20.5-21.5-3Pellet first feeding capacity(mm)120015002000Ventilation capacity(m3/h)80001048014500Clean space dimention(mm)5000*1800*32005000*2200*26006000*2600*3000Cleaning workpieces dimentions(mm)(500-700)*1600(500-700)*1600(500-850)*1900Outline dimentions(mm)11600*2700*645011810*3200*725015300*3700*7700Hang in depth(mm)no~1800~2100Power dissipation(kw)73.182.8131.7