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Date: 4th June 2016
H Beam Shot Blasting Cleaning Machine
H Beam Shot Blasting Cleaning MachineShot blasting machines will eject abrasive media ?/steel shots to the metal surface of the workpieces under the force of air ?pressure. After blasting,Website:http://www.shotblastingcleaning.com, the metal surface will appear a uniform luster, which ?will enhance painting dressing quality.Shot Blasting Machine is named Sand Blasting Machine, Sandblasting, ?Sandblaster, Cleaning Equipment, Sand Blasting, Sandblasting Machine, Sandblast ?Machine, Sand Blaster, Industrial Sandblaster, Shot Peening Machine, Shot Blast ?Cleaning Machine, Shot-Blasting, Abrator and soon on . ?1.Machine features:1.The impeller head is composed of blast wheel, the structure is simple and durable.2.Segregator is very efficient and it can protect blast wheel.3.The dust filter can greatly reduce air pollution and improve the workenvironment.4.Abrasion resistant rubber belt lighten the collision of work pieces, andlower the noise.5. This machine is controlled by PLC, the operation is easy and reliable.Technical parameter?ItemUnitQH698QH6912QH6915QH6918EFFECTIVE ?CLEAN-UP WIDTHmm800120015001800ROOM ?SIZE BODY FEEDmm1000x15001400x17001700x17002000x1800CLEAN UP THE LENGTH OF WORKPIECE SIZEmm1200-120001200-130001500-130002000-13000CLEAN ?UP OF WORKPIECE SIZEmm800x12001200x15001500x15001800x1600TRANSMISSION ?SPEEDm/min0.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-4SHOT ?VOLUMEkg/min8x1258x1808x1808x250THE ?FIRST TIME INTO THE VOLUMEkg4000500050006000VENTILATIONm3/h20000220002500025000TOTAL ?POWERkw90130180180