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Date: 4th June 2016
Catenary Through Type Shot Blasting Machine
Catenary Through Type Shot Blasting Machine1. This Catenary Shot Blast Cleaning Machine is mainly applied in the ?processing of medium and small size workpieces in large scale. It has the ?advantage of high efficiency,Website:http://www.shotblastingcleaning.com, compact structure and no pit. Our company has ?abundant manufacturing experience.2. This Catenary Shot Blast Cleaning Machine is with high efficiency & large productivity, ISO9001, ISO14001, ?surface cleaning level: SA2.0?SA3.0.3. This Catenary Shot Blast Cleaning Machine series has three types: continuous, step by step and accumulating chain. ?It adopts multiple-step and rotating point fixed method to clean away the ?antiquated sand and oxidation layer on the surface quickly to make the surface ?bright and clean. It is mainly used for the fitting of vehicles such ?as the bolster, side frame, coupler and coupler yokes. It can also be used ?to clean the casting and workpieces with the similar size. Technical parameterItemQ483HQ485HQ4810HProductivity(hook/h)2030-4040-60Lifting hook running speed(m/min)3-83-83-8Lifting hook Weight(kg)3005001000Lifting hook space(mm)600-1000600-1000700-1400Abrasive flow rate(kg/min)2*2504*2506*250Elevator lifting ? ?capacity(t/h)306090Segregator fractional dose(t/h)306090Pellet diameter(mm)1.5-2.51.5-2.51.5-2.5Pellet first feeding ? ?capacity(mm)110020003000-4000Ventilation capacity?(m3/h)50001048014500Clean space dimention(mm)2900*1800*32005000*2600*29003062*2600*3000Cleaning workpieces ? ?dimentions(mm)(500-900)*1600(500-900)*1600(600-1300)*1900Outlinedimentions(mm)11450*3100*64509450*3700*72509450*3700*7700Hangindepth(mm)no~1800~2100Powerdissipation(kw)52.883.15114.72