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Date: 4th June 2016
Automatic Shot Blasting Machine
Automatic Shot ?Blasting MachineThis type shot blasting ?machines are the most universal among all shot blasters as their design makes ?them suitable for processing parts of varying sizesin bulk loads. Work pieces ?from small to big metal parts or casting parts can be blasted in these ?machines. The machine consists of an endless conveyor belt with high resistance ?to wear,Website:http://www.shotblastingcleaning.com, abrasive separator and dust collector. These type shot blasting ?machines are very easy to operate. The process starts with the loading of the ?parts on the belt either manually or through an automatic loading system. Once ?the door is closed the blasting cycle initiates. The wheels and the belt start spinning producing a continuous rotation of the ?parts ensuring that all components are exposed to the shot blasting stream for ?consistent cleaning. When the blasting process finishes, the machine stops ?automatically allowing the unloading of the parts to take place. Then, the ?operator moves the belt in the reverse direction to prepare the machine for a ?new load.Q32 Series Technical parameterItemQ326Q3210QR3210Productivity(kg/h)600-12002500-35003000-5000Feeding amount (kg)200600600Maximum weight of single piece(kg)153030Diameter of end disk(mm)65010001000Effective volume(m3)0.331.051.05Abrasive flow rate(kg/min)120180200Ventilation capacity(m3/h)250035004000Out line dimention(mm)3200*1520*37154290*1900*45005850*1950*4600Power dissipation(kw )11.120.830.7