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Date: 4th June 2016
Airport Shot Blasting Machine
Airport Shot ?Blasting Machine 1.?For surface treatment to the concrete bridge deck,Website:http://www.shotblastingcleaning.com, our shot blaster ?could remove the laitance and residues away from the concrete surface. 2. For maintenance of the pavement in tunnels, such as clearing the filth ?and oil coat. 3.For the pre-treatment of road surface before asphalt concrete surface ?top coating. 4.Scuff the road surface at the turning of road for improved anti-slide ?property. 5.It is able to get rid of flushing asphalt of pavement. 6. Our shot blaster is useful for removing lane marker lines. 7.For appliance to anti-corrosive coating of steel bridge. 8.Our shot blaster is ideal for preventive maintenance of airport runway, ?such as rubber cleaning and marker lines removing. 9.For rusting removal of steel board. 10.Surfacing of the open space, such as the squares of?government ?institutions, schools, stations or parking lots. ?Technical parameterTypeJCLP200JCLP250JCLP550JCLP550DJCLP800Working width(mm)200250550550800Blasting capacity(m2/h)>80>180>280>400>600Wheel power(kw)7.5112*7.52*112*15Machine weight(kg/min)180250360560780Outside measurement(L*W*H)1300*400*9001625*450*11001800*550*13001900*750*13001980*980*1300Appropriate dust ? ? ?collectorTo includeTo includeTo includeTo includeTo include